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The ACTINA REWARD wallet to manage your reward in one place, get discounts, cashback, special offers from merchants and brands, gift cards and coupons, all with a Mastercard, to make it easy to use for everyone.
Actina is the wallet for the Sport and Health industry.

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Features you love

Simple to use

Rewards, loyalty and cashback all made simple in a single app. Simple to use for everyone, having your rewards and loyalty points all in one place.
Never forget that loyalty card or punch card home when shopping.
Get direct access to special offers and discounts from merchants and brands.

Credit Card

With your wallet, will come your Actina Mastercard, to manage your payments with discounts, get Actinas for each $ spent on participating merchants and brands, and get your cashback $ directly on your Actina Mastercard.
Easier to manage!

Cashback, Loyalty, Gift Cards

Actina directly connects users with cashback offers from merchants, discounts, and allows the users to buy gift cards and coupons partly with their Actina Rewards.
Buy and manage your gift cards easily, share them with other users directly for free. Thousands of gift cards and coupons from all countries to choose from.


At Actina, security is of prior concern, making sure all your data and payment options are safe, with activation and deactivation of cards instantly, to make your online purchases safer.
Load your Mastercard to manage your spending and secure your online shopping.

Discover ACTINA

Actina is your physical activity reward system, to be redeemed with merchants and brands in the sport and health industry. But Actina also allows you to access cashback from online stores, manage payments with a Mastercard, buy gift cards and coupons from merchants and stores worldwide, get connected with brands and merchants special offers and discounts, not to miss any ever again!

Be part of Actina Club
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Do more with our wallet

Get and manage rewards

Rewards for your physical activity, connected to merchants and brands.

The Actina Wallet allows users to receive rewards for their physical activities, and also for their purchases within the sport and health industry.

Through the Actina Wallet, users are directly connected to merchants and brands, and can obtain discounts and special offers for their rewards, and get part of their purchases financed from their rewards.

Scheduling your sport payments

Schedule recurring payments for your sport activities directly.

With its built-in Mastercard, the Actina Wallet allows more flexibility and simplicity in payments.

When part of a gym, a sports club etc, users can automate monthly fee payments and get extra rewards.

Multiple payments options

Manage your payments with a Mastercard, and with points for discounts or cashback.

The Actina Wallet allows the users to manage their payments in multiple ways.

Users can make payments using their Actina Mastercard, but also to pay part of their purchases with their rewards, obtain discounts for their rewards, and even obtain cashback for their rewards, converting rewards into cash.

Earn Actinas, points and cash

Actina wallet give the possibility of multiple earnings.

Actina acts as a global loyalty program across the sport and health industry.

Rewards can be redeemed in multiple ways, giving more possibilities for the users to make use of their rewards, and for the merchants to be more attractive.

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Create your Wallet now!

Visit the Actina Club website and create your wallet now.
Early users will receive initial Actina Rewards, and will be able to activate the Actina referral link!

Create your Wallet
  • 1
    Create an Account

    Download the app or visit the Actina Club website now to create your account, and start earning Actinas for your physical activity.
    All new accounts get a 500 Actina Rewards credit for joining!

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    Share with friends

    Share the Actina Club with your friends, get them on board with your referral link and get rewarded.

  • 3
    Enjoy your wallet

    Use your wallet for your sport and health shopping and payments, get gift cards and coupons from different merchants, and get discounts, extra points, and even cashback.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I try before I buy?

When first registering to the Actina Club and creating your Actina Wallet, you get 3 months trial free of charge. After that trial period you can choose to opt for one of the three plans, from free basic to silver or gold for a monthly subscription.

What payment methods do you accept?

After creating your Actina Wallet, you can load your Actina Mastercard from any other credit card you may have, and use your Actina Mastercard for safe online purchasing.

Can I change my plan later?

You can change your plan at any time, by opting in or out of the current subscription plan. Changes will be effective on the first of the following month.

How do I get Actinas?

You can obtain Actinas for your physical activity with the built-in stepcounter option of the wallet. You can also obtain Actinas from your purchases from participant merchants, and redeem your Actinas with any merchant or for obtaining cashback.

Download the Wallet

Soon available for download on all major mobile and desktop platforms.

Download our APK

Right now, you can download and install the APK for the Actina Wallet on your Android phone or tablet.

*Submitted to Android Play Store and pending approval.

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